Saturday, March 13, 2010

I can't help it, I'm in love!

With this little guy, who got into our possession this morning:

(not our photo, but it looks exactly the same)

Beirette VSN was made in East Germany in 1977, by Beier. Simple, light, cheap consumer camera. It's small and it feels real good to hold it. Most importantly, it gives beautiful lo-fi images (flickr examples here). It almost gets my motherly instincts flowing (it feels even weirder than it sounds), and I can't wait to shoot some film rolls with it!

Nice man who was it's first owner kept it in really good condition, and with the original instructions, warranty, everything... Joy, joy, joy!

Postoje odvojeno slikovno i tekstualno uputstvo. Vidi se da je grubo prevođeno sa nemačkog na srpskohrvatski i apsolutno je predivno :)

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